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About Us...

SPORTFISHING PERU is a family operation whose members are passionate anglers. Owned and operated by Marcel Gondonneau and Lily, his wife, with 20 years of experience guiding angler’s groups. We had been fishing the Peruvian ocean, rivers and lakes for over 35 years.
SPORTFISHING PERU specializes in providing personalized attention to individuals and small groups, from the non professional traveler to the fly fishermen specialists in the most exclusives fishing spots in the Inca’s Country. Our services includes professional and bilingual Sportfishing guides, VIP private tours, Toyota Land Cruiser and 4Runner 4x4 trucks, nice and clean accommodations, typical gourmet meals, high quality fishing tackle and the most productive fishing spots.
We are based in the city of Lima but we operate and distribute our products throughout the country. We are official distributors in Peru for SVENDSEN SPORTS a Denmark brand that represents brands such as OKUMA, RON THOMPSON, SAVAGE, HANSEN LURES, among others.
In SPORTFISHING PERU we feel responsible for the nature and for its care so we practice and promote Catch and Release
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